As the Local Authority, Temporary 60-day State Pistol Permits are processed through the First Selectman’s Office/Civilian Chief of Police.

Pistol Permit Applications (DPS-799-C) may be obtained in person at the First Selectman’s Office, Portland Police Station, or online the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection website.

First, a local criminal history background check is performed. Then upon local approval, your fingerprint cards are mailed to the Connecticut State Police Bureau of Investigation (SPBI) for an in-depth criminal history search.

Upon SPBI approval, you will be contacted by the First Selectman's Office (local authority) which shall issue you the 60-day Temporary State Pistol Permit - please allow for approximately 8-13 weeks to be notified.  Within the 60-day period you must proceed in person to the DESPP Division of State Police to apply for the permanent State Pistol Permit.  Your photograph will be taken at DESPP.

Instructions for 60-day Temporary State Pistol Permit Paperwork
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Submit the following in person to the Office of the First Selectman (local authority):

Pistol Permit/Eligibility Certificate Application -- DPS-799-C:

1. Print clearly, writing in black or blue ink

2. Complete all 4 pages of the application

3. Application must be signed in the presence of a Notary or Commissioner of Superior Court (Section "Declaration" page 4)

Fingerprint Cards (State and Federal):

Contact the Portland Police Department to make an appointment; telephone # 860-342-6780; location 265 Main Street

Proof you are legally and lawfully in the United States of America:

1. Original Birth Certificate with raised Town/City Clerk's seal; or

2. Valid U.S. Passport; or

3. Documentation issued by I.C.E.

Certificate of Competency from either:

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, no less than "Basic Pistol Course" or
  • A Police Firearm's Instructor or Gun Club Officer who can attest to your competence with a handgun

*This information must also be documented in Section "Proof of Training" page 4

Fees for Criminal History Background Checks (will not be refunded if permit is denied; must be two separate checks, do not combine) - Money Order, no personal checks:

1. $12.00 made payable to: Treasurer, State of CT (FBI background fee)

2. $75.00 made payable to: Treasurer, State of CT (State background fee)

Payment to local authority - Personal Check accepted:

$70.00 made payable to: Town of Portland (payment will be returned only if permit is denied)