*Please Report Signs of Water Main Breaks*
Public Works Dept. 860-342-6733 or Central Dispatch 860-347-2541


As a reminder, Portland Public Works Department only picks up brush in the Spring time in odd numbered years.  Therefore, there will be no Town wide brush pick up this year.

Office of Public Works
33 East Main Street - 1st floor
Portland Connecticut

Richard Kelsey
Director of Public Works
Phone: 860-342-6733
  Laura Manager
Public Works Secretary
Phone: 860-342-6733

Fax: 860-342-6759
Press Release - Chip Seal Schedule

Press Release
Town of Portland
Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works expects to be chip sealing the following roads beginning mid July:  Adorno Drive, Barry Avenue, Bell Court, Brainard Drive, Butler Lane, Church Street, Covell Hill Road, Cross Street, East Main Street, Edwards Road, Elizabeth Road, Fairview Street, Freestone Avenue Ext., Highland Avenue, Homestead Avenue, Overlook Court, Ridge Road, Silver Street, Spring Street, Sunset Terrace, Waverly Avenue, William Street, William Street Ext., Woodland Road.

The chip seal process consists of distributing a liquid asphalt emulsion on the roadway and covering the liquid asphalt with crushed stone to provide a new wearing surface.  Chip sealing extends the life of a roadway by protecting it from moisture, ultra-violet degradation and any other exposures that could damage a roadway.  Drivers should exercise caution as loose stone will be present on the roadway.  It is recommended when travelling on a recently chip sealed road to slow down and allow additional space between vehicles. 

The Department apologizes for any inconveniences and urges residents to use alternate routes where possible.  As a quick reminder, please use caution and consider worker safety when driving through a construction zone. 

Public Works

The Department of Public Works is made up of seven divisions, under the direction of Rick Kelsey, Public Works Director. 

• Highway Division
• Transfer Station
• Sewer Division
• Water Division
• Building Maintenance
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Grounds Division

The responsibilities of this department are those felt most directly by the citizens in town. From disposing of recyclables, to leaf pick-up, to repairing broken water mains, and making sure that park facilities are clean and usable, the Public Works department impacts our lives on a daily basis. The Town of Portland Public Works Department strives to enhance the quality of life of all the residents by providing safe, reliable, effective service consistent with the vision and goals of the community.