Department Line Officers

Name Position Unit Name
Dale Benoit, Jr. Captain 2R
Thomas Sienkiewicz 1st Lieutenant 2R1
Vacant 2nd Lieutenant 2R2
Jason Lazzaris 3rd Lieutenant 2R3

Company Staff Officers

Name Position
Matthew Breece Secretary
John Nadeau Treasurer

Department EMS Officers - Located at Company 2

Name Position Unit Name
Tomasz Michaelewski EMS Coordinator MS-1
Thomas Sienkiewicz Asst. EMS Coordinator, EMS Instructor 2R1, MS-2
Jason Lazzaris EMS Lieutenant, Engine Co. 2 2R3

Active Personnel

Name Position
Shelby Benoit
Daniel Bransfield Fire Police, Truck Driver
Matthew Breece Firefighter, EMR
Emmett Coughlin EMT
Jacob Durkin Firefighter, Company Engineer
Joseph Korineck Firefighter, EMT
Jason Landry Firefighter, Fire Police, EMR
Patricia Landry Firefighter, EMR
Brian Leary Firefighter, EMT
Dave Lockrow Firefighter, EMR, Dive Team, Truck Driver
Mathew Markham Firefighter, Truck Driver
Tomasz Michaelewski Truck Driver, EMT, EMS Coordinator
Kara O'Keefe EMT
William "Skip" Petras Fire Police, EMT, Truck Driver
Peter Sulinski Firefighter, EMR, Dive Team

Social Members

Name Status Past Position
Dale Benoit, Sr. Life Member Past Firefighter and Fire Police Captain
John Nadeau Social Member, Retired Past Firefighter, Dive Team, Fire Police
David Opuszynski Social Member, Retired Past Fire Lieutenant, EMT, Truck Driver
Austin Personette Social Member Firefighter/EMR, Engineering Committee
Past Asst. Chief Salvatore "Tootie" Pitruzello Life Member Past Assistant Chief of Training, "10-7-2"

Company 2 activities include making french fries for the Portland and Durham fairs every year.