The 2018 Portland Fireworks Display

Saturday July 14

Sponsored by the Town of Portland and the Portland Fireworks Committee

All donations will be held for the 2019 Fireworks Display.  Persons/Businesses that contributed are listed in the Following Categories:

Grand Masters: $1000+ • Shining Stars $500+ • Gold Comets $250+ • Silver Comets $100+ • Glittering Rockets $50+ • Sparklers <$50

Grand Masters:

Adams Food

Shining Stars:

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions
J. Sullivan Properties LLC

Gold Comets:

Red Technologies LLC
Portland Restaurant (In memory of Scott (Scotty) Oakcliff)

Silver Comets:

Airex Rubber Products Corp. (In memory of Terry & Chris Hetrick)
Susan & Thomas Bransfield
CSB Inc. (In memory of Charlie)
Denis & Linda Cunningham
Patty Doherty/Jack Kmetz
The Flood Law Firm
William Gildersleeve
Gotta's Farm
Richard Harmon
Law Offices of George A. Law
June Martin (In memory of Fran Schol)
William Petzold
Portland Discount Liquors
Standard Knapp
The Wedding Dress
Norman D. Ward (In memory of Leonard W. Bower)
Scott D, Warner
Quality Welding
Magic Mirror Unise Salon
George & Carol Gilbert (In memory of George M. Gilbert II)

Glittering Rockets

Amita Aggarwal, DMD
Ryan Curley
Ed & Joyce Fidrych
Gardiner's Market
Hometown Garage
Janet H. Kolk (In memory of my husband Dick Kolk)
Frank Magnotta
Michael & Janet Nocek
Edward J. Sharr, Jr. (In memory of Kathryn O. Sharr)
Betty Smedick
Suburban Sanitation Service
Thompson Landscape Improvement, Inc.
Richard & Judy Lane
Ralph & Bernice Zampano
Rob, Lynn & Michael Keller
Marjorie & Tim Barrett
Sally Irons & Tim Linskey
Maris Bowers


Pat & Tom McCormack
Donald Markham
William Upjohn
Edward & Ruth Kalinowski
Robinson T. Gilbert
John & Gail Grenier
Samantha & Jill Weber (In memory of Uncle David)
John R. Anderson
Jack & Star Anikienko
Gail Bergan
John A. Bruni, Jr.
Wanda Cannatta
Wayne & Margot Chapman (In memory of Lois P.Chapman)
Chris & Kerry Darby
Lynn Gildersleeve
Margaret Johnson (In memory of Hazel Saul Johnson)
The Mailhot Famly
Ernest F. Peterson
Sheila Spalding
Trudy Tewksbury
Gary Wassell
Babs & George Scheer
Jay and Martha Swanson
Katherine Jarzabek

A special thanks to the following Portland Fireworks Committee members who volunteer their time to make this event successful: Sharon Hoy (Chairman); Susan Bransfield, Denis Cunningham, Jill Deane, June Martin, Candi Meadors, Joyce Murphy, Daniell Piatti, and Sandy Pinto. Thanks to Bob Shea and his team of firefighters for volunteering their time; Portland Police, Dave Kuzminski and Kevin Armstrong (announcing); Eric Meadors (stage); Carl Johnson (Grounds Keeper); and Richard Lasky and the Marshpit Band. Thanks also to the many anonymous donors and all those who participated in the fireworks fundraisers for their continued support.

No alcohol, pets, grills or open flames allowed.  Chairs may be placed on the grass BUT NOT THE TRACK.  Please place all waste in the waste receptacles.