Public Arrest Records
DateSorted By Date In Descending OrderNameDOBAddressCharges
7/20/2017Jacob Brockwell6/16/1756 Peck Road, Middletown

Disorderly Conduct, Risk of Injury to Minor

7/18/2017Matthew Tracy2/13/83693 Portland Cobalt Rd., Portland

Failure to Maintain Insurance

7/18/2017Pamela Tracy9/22/57693 Portland Cobalt Rd., Portland

Negligent Homicide with a Motor Vehicle, Failure to Grant Right of Way at Private Driveway 

7/13/2017Dwayne Allen5/9/91203 Chamberland Road, Middletown

Assault 3rd Degree; Disorderly Conduct

7/9/2017Raymond Zukowski2/11/52345 Monticello Dr., Bristol

Reckless Driving; Operating Unregistered MV; Operating No Insurance

7/3/2017James Wright2/24/68122 1st Street, New Britain

Driving Under  the Influence; Traveling to Fast 

7/1/2017Andrew Cote12/11/9350 Barton Hill Rd., East Hampton

Engaging in Police Pursuit; Failure to Obey Officer Signal; No Insurance; Speeding, Reckless Driving; Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia

7/1/2017Meghan Orton2/1/95199 Foothill Rd., Durham

Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

6/24/2017Andrew Cote12/11/9250 Barton Hill Rd., East Hampton

Possession of Marijuana

6/22/2017Michael Jacobson5/29/87181 Main St., Portland

Breach of Peace

6/14/2017Charles Belcher12/24/65208 Main St., Apt. 55, Portland

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

6/14/2017Eric O'Connell2/3/95306 Old Colchester Rd., Salem CT

Improper use of marker plate; insufficient insurance; failure to renew registration

6/12/2017Matthew Gut12/13/95152252 Washington St., New Britain

Criminal Attempt to Commit Burglary 3rd; Criminal Mischief 3rd; Weapons in a Motor Vehicle

6/6/2017Frank Stange12/10/7764 Milton Dr., Meriden

Operating Under the Influence; Failure to Drive in Proper Lane

6/2/2017Kurt Vogt, Jr.8/8/9111 Strickland St., Portland

Simple Trespass

5/31/2017George Kallmeyer5/30/595 Wellwyn Dr., Portland

Failure to Renew Registration;Disobey an Officers Signal;Failure to Obey Traffic Control Signal;Improper Use of Marker Plate; Operating a MV Without an Interlock Device

5/21/2017William Nunez7/6/9312 Pine Terrace, East Hampton

Failure To Respond To Infraction; 2 counts Failure to Appear 2nd Degree

5/17/2017Courtney Merrill7/18/965 Nursick Terrace, Portland

Breach of Peace 2nd Degree

5/17/2017Lewis Nicholas 6/25/9336 Chatham Court, Portland

Assault 3rd Degree, Breach of Peace 2nd Degree, Possession of  <4 oz. of Marijuana  

5/17/2017Lukas Jope4/3/97136 Bartlett Hill Road

Possession <1/2 oz. of Marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

5/15/2017Shaun Hill1/19/997 West Blvd, East Hampton

Possession of Marijuana < 4oz

5/15/2017Daniel Doherty1/28/9982 Comstock Trail, East Hampton


5/8/2017Brian Smith4/23/8425 Fernwood Rd., East Hampton

Operating Under the Influence

5/2/2017Gregory Young4/11/57326 Main Street, Portland

Criminal Violation of Restraining Order

5/1/2017Lavar Lombardo4/8/7953 Skyler Avenue, Middletown

Reckless Endangerment 2nd Degree; Breach of Peace 2nd Degree

4/29/2017Michael Stefanski4/2/9671 Cedar Terrace, Portland

Driving Under The Influence; Failure to Drive in Established Lane

4/25/2017Daniel Felgate12/15/771 Brush Pasture Lane, Portland

Identity Theft; Larceny 5th;Larceny 3rd; Criminal Impresonation

4/25/2017Vittoria Amenta7/3/86183 Rose Hill Rd., Portland

Identity Theft; Criminal Impresonation

4/21/2017Linda Hilton3/27/6392 Marlborough St., Portland

Operating a Motor Vehicle Under Suspension; Operating a Unregistered Motor Vehicle; Failure to Appear 2nd Degree


4/14/2017Neil Frisk2/28/1983505 William Street, Portland

Reckless Driving

4/4/2017Richard Borbely1/18/682 Whitney Lane, Glastonbury

Violation of Conditions of Release

4/1/2017Colton Balskus3/4/99161 Jobs Pond Road,. Portland

Simple Trespass

3/31/2017John Saflicki10/26/9654 Gospel Lane, Portland

Misuse of Marker Plate, Insufficient Insurance, Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License

3/25/2017Yaw Kissi05/15/5884 Stonegate Rd., New BritainOperating Under  the Influence
3/17/2017James Pelotte02/10/72212 Great Hill Rd., PortlandOperating Under the Influence, Poss. of <1/2 oz. of Marijuana, Failure to Drive In Proper Lane, Misuse of Plates
3/6/2017Christopher Radman07/22/778 Prout St., PortlandFugitive from Justice
3/3/2017Christopher Radman07/22/778 Prout St., PortlandFailure to Appear, 2 counts, Probation Violation, Larceny 6th, Criminal Mischief 3rd
3/1/2017Walter Emmons03/12/59LKA 20 Evergreen Ave., PortlandBurglary 3rd, Larceny 3rd, Criminal Mischief 3rd
2/21/2017Sean Paradis10/15/955 Buttonhook Lane, PortlandPossession of <12oz. of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
2/20/2017Rhonda Forrest02/18/6320 Beechcrest Drive, East Hampton

Evading Responsibility

2/20/2017Kevin Corney11/09/86232 Marlborough St., Portland

Disorderly Conduct

2/20/2017Jessica Leach07/21/9331 N. Turnpike Rd., WallingfordCriminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct
2/12/2017Adam Doran12/01/9659 Freestone Ave., PortlandOperating Under Suspension
Operating a MV without Insurance
Operating a Unregistered MV
2/11/2017Ryan Pititto04/12/0836 Belle Vista Heights, Portland

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor

2/9/2017Noah Lapoint10/17/9622 Cree Road, East Hartford

Violation of Protection Order

1/31/2017Jayquan Swain09/03/9535 Chatham Court, PortlandKidnapping 1st, Robbery 1st, Larceny 2nd,
Crim. Poss. of Firearm, Unlawful Restraint 2nd,
Stealing a Firearm, Threatening 2nd, Criminal Weapon Use