Step 1 - PowerPoint
Read through the following PowerPoint presentation that was shown at the Scheduled Ethics Training Meetings.

Training Manual (Power Point Presentation)*

*INSTRUCTIONS: (Those unfamiliar with PowerPoint please read the following).
When the window opens simply click the screen to advance the PowerPoint. If at any time you wish to go back a step, right click the mouse and select Reverse. You may also use the Right and Left Arrow Keys on your keyboard to advance or reverse the PowerPoint.

Step 2 - The Adopted Ordinance
Read through the Adopted Ethics Ordinance to familiarize yourself on what you will soon sign to abide to. The ordinance is available at the link below. You may choose to read it online and are encouraged to Save or Print a copy for your own records. When you open the document you will see the Save and Print Symbols in the upper left or lower right of the window.

NOTE: Section 1-3 Definitions is for your benefit if clarification of the document is needed, but does not need to be read thoroughly.

Adopted Ethics Ordinance
Step 3 - Forms
To complete the Training fill out a Certificate of Compliance found below and deliver it as the form specifies.

The following are the forms that are now at your disposal. They are listed below with their individual descriptions. Each form is available to be filled out in an online format, but it is encouraged to print these forms and deliver them to the Ethics PO Box (Address Found on the Forms) rather than send them by email, for confidentiality reasons. The online format is merely for your benefit as you may also save a copy to your computer for your own records. If you wish to fill a form out by hand simply print the form blank.

*NOTE* Signatures must be written for a form to be considered complete. Those marked by a * must be printed and signed to be valid.

*Certificate of Compliance - fill out and deliver as noted on the form to complete the online training.

*Complaint Form - for your use if ever an ethics violation needs to be documented by you.

Request Advisory Opinion Form