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Board of Selectman Announcement

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Library Events

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Summer: June, July & August

Build a Better World

Adult Summer Reading Program -- flyer

Kitchen Gardens Monday July 24 at 6:30

Drumming Circle Monday August 7 at 6:30

Summer Movies -- in the Afternoons & Evenings

Book Discussions:

Mystery Book Discussion - Thurs., 06/29/17 - Book Discussion: A Morbid Taste for Bones

Thursday Book Discussion - Thurs., 07/06/17 -Book Discussion: Ghana must Go

Thursday Book Discussion - Thurs., 08/03/17 -Book Discussion: Best Boy

Tech Workshop

Tech Talk with Kevin -- More workshops to be held in the Fall.

Friends, Book Sale: 

Friends of the Portland Library next Read & Recycle Collection - Sat., September 23rd 10am-12pm

Art Showcase at the Portland Library
Brownstone Art Exhibit
Art Showcase at the Portland Library
Art at the Library
Town Equipment & Vehicle Auction
Welcome to Portland Connecticut